The sustainability concept is relatively new and is evolving rapidly under the influence of new trends in the spheres of economics, politics and science. Sustainability is a subject particularly difficult to grasp in the fishing and aquaculture industries. What is a ‘sustainable fish’? What are the challenges and what are the tools to produce and sell sustainable seafood? These questions may as yet be unanswered, but they are everyone’s concern in today’s seafood industry, from the producers to the market players and industries managers.

Along the seafood chain, the difficulty in addressing these questions comes from stakeholders’ diverging views on the risks and required actions and from the varying pressures and constraints they are under.

You are from the producing, processing or marketing sectors

Demonstrating the sustainability of your seafood products is becoming a vital differentiating factor. How to integrate sustainability in your production or purchase policy?

We will help you to:

  • Position your business with regards to current sustainability issues.
  • Define your sustainability objectives and delimit their scope.
  • Choose the approach and market tools best suited to your situation.
  • Assess the performance of sustainability initiatives that you have already put in place.

You represent a public institution or an NGO

You elaborate politics and tools to promote the sustainable management of marine resources. You need to inform and mobilise stakeholders; you meet resistance on the field.

Our services include:

  • Detailed context analysis (stakeholder interactions, spheres of influence, opportunities and obstacles).
  • Feasibility studies with regards to perceptions and expectations on the field (level of acceptability).
  • Elaboration of procedures optimising stakeholders’ engagement.
  • Technical audits of sustainability projects.
  • Organisation of seminars and professional meetings.
  • Information and training sessions adapted to your needs.

You are based outside Europe

We help you understand how the concept of sustainability is being transposed in practice on the European market and what are the implications for your business exchanges.